Our projects, our values

Our lineage and expertise….

Our designs are recognized by audiphiles, technical magazines as well as by other loudspeaker manufacturers wolrdwide, this as we custom design, engineer and manufacture speaker drivers for many other industry peers. This is a true testiment to our passion and never ending technical advances. This is rare for a loudspeaker manufacturer to have the best of both worlds. Designed to specifications and not limited to: drivers, speaker cones made out of kevlar, carbon fiber, felted-feathered kevlar, fiberglass, graphite, etc..

This attention to detail and the never ending search for ultimate sound perfection has seen us deliver what we feel is the best to date, our Model 20DE8 driver. A single element, even and with a wide frequency range, with no crossover, yet it’s simple design requires the utmost care in fabrication and may be found in our Model MV-1 loudspeaker, it is a design appreciated by both the audiophile and our contemporary industry peers.

Our strenght…

We control everything in house. Our research and development lab is supported by over 25 years of in-house speaker design and manufacturing experience. We design ands build everything: from our coils to our magnets, to our drivers and crossovers, to our speaker cones and cabinets. We have a major investment in audio test and analysis equipment and our reputation is second to none. Our true lineage and passion comes from the Company Founder, Michel Visan, who pioneered speaker designs right out of school working with the leaders of the time as Chief Design Engineer before founding DAVIS. Much is said about this specialty which is very unique to France if not the world. With this acumen, we then use it to provide axcoustically pleasing and accurate sound reproduction to cover all tastes as well as all budgets.

Our drive…

We are never satisfied, we seek always to continually improve our products. To do this we reinvest in more advanced analysis and test equipment, in our lab and in our people. Our products see continual improvements and where we still manufacture every loudspeaker by hand , this also in small batches, and to therefore assure you with the best quality and performance. We listen to our customers as well as highly acclaimed sound critics and audiophiles, continually improving and evolving every day for your listening pleasure.

Our vision…

To simply be the best. To provide you with a variety of loudspeakers at affordable prices that meet your expectations for that “ special, personal audio experience” with quality and realism in mind. To listen to you, and to share your thoughts and experiences in person or by way of our blog with other audiophiles. To provide you with the total “Davis” experience.