My father Michel Visan in the 1970’s was the Chief Designer and innovator of many of the loudspeaker designs seen today, working for  several leading  manufacturers  at the time. In 1986 he founded Davis Acoustics as a family business. It started in our backyard with two employees in the Saint Maur des Fosses area of Paris.  We expanded the factury three times until building our most recent facility in its current location of Troyes, France.


The Davis name has always  been synonymous with  true high fidelity and is to this date a recognized leader worldwide  in the design, manufacture and sale of superior quality, true, life-like, sound reproduction loudspeakers.  Completely self financed  all of our products and sub components including coils, magnets, speaker cones and cabinets are all designed and hand made by our highly trained dedicated craftsmen in our factory in France.   Our OEM division manufactures speakers for several of the world’s leading class automotive manufactures for their client’s enjoyment as well as where we design, manufacture and supply other OEM speaker brands with our technology. The tradition of design excellence and our love for audio and audiophiles worldwide  is continued by our family and staff.

1986 : Creation of our first drive units Davis; cones made of Kevlar and carbon are already used in our first projects.

1988 : Manufacturing of DIY speakers, including the still available MV7 model.

1989 : Davis Acoustics introduces its first car speakers.

1991 : Launching of DIY speakers Kristel of non-standard dimensions. The result serves as an example of high expertise of our engineering team.

1993 : Commercialization of our first complete speaker; model DK 200 appears on the market.

1994 : Davis Acoustics changes its location from Saint Maur des Fosses to Troyes.

1998 : Inauguration of our new factory in Troyes.

2002 : Launching of a new series of speakers, including the famous Cesar.

2005 : Birth of Nikita, our first hi-end bookshelf speaker.

2006 : Davis Acoustics produces an exceptional series of Lifestyle speakers with its famous Matisse.

2009 : Davis Acoustics presents Karla, a speaker of an outstanding quality.

2011 : Davis Acoustics develops the 20DE8 drive unit that is regarded as one of the top full range drive units in the world. Matisse HD receives an award by Classica magazine and by a Russian hi-fi expert www.hifinews.ru