Bass reflex : 1 port at the back
Nominal power: 80 W
Max Power : 120 W
Number of ways : 2
Number of drivers: 2
Sensitivity : 90 dB
Frequency range : 47-21000 Hz
Tweeter : dôme 28 mm
Woofer/midrange :  kevlar cone 13 cm (5″)
Dimensions (cm) : 18 x 26 x 35 (H)
Weight (kg) : 8.5
Impedance : 4 ohms (mini)
frequency cut off : 4000 Hz

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Beyond anyone’s expectations, DAVIS technology and knowhow all in a small box! Incredible, DAVIS expertise comes to light, sounds like a floorstanding enclosure! Hearing is Believing!


This bookshelf speaker uses our latest model number 13 KLV5R driver equipped with a 4 ohm voice coil. The low frequency response is amazing for the size of the speakers. With exceptional power handling the handcrafted crossover permits the loudspeaker to reproduce accurately and with precision that high end sound with striking clarity and spaciousness with an unprecedented good dynamic with accurate low bass reproduction at any volume setting. The linearity of the sensitivity curve is excellent and a result the sound reproduced is never aggressive and is satisfying even to the most discerned listener or musician. . This model may be mated with any type of amplification equipment.

This is the best little compact speaker ever built by Davis.