BASSON 77 Black Piano


The BASSON 77 is using a 10″ woofer (25 cm) in paper cone with coating.

The frequency response can be changed from 25 Hz to 30…120 Hz.

The phase can be changed from 0 to 180°.

The subwoofer is able to detect the signal (button ON or AUTO)

2 entries : LINE INPUT or LFE INPUT

2 buttons for the level : HI/LOW LEVEL or LFE LEVEL

The amplifier is a CLASS D amplifier, whose max power is 600 W.

Dimensions (cm) : 30 (L) x 36 (H) (41 with feet) x 41.5 (D)

Bass reflex with 2 ports on the front.

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The BASSON 77 is an active subwoofer designed to provide high quality sound. It is quite compact, but has been designed without any compromises.

It has been designed in black ash and black piano to fit with all the speakers of the DAVIS’ range.

The BASSON 77 delivers incredible performance. To achieve this level of sound, this active subwoofer uses the very best in amplifier and woofer technology. It can reproduce every detail of the bass register, from 30 to 150 Hz.


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