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The EVA is not a bookshelf with one capacitor as a crossover, this is a very accurate speaker, with a lot of technologies.

Almost every member of our team owns a pair at home! The EVA speaker is easy to set up, perfect for a bedroom because of it size. With it stylish design, the EVA speaker looks great on the outside.

The most economic model of our range, but already the first emotions!


Bass reflex :
Nominal power :
Max power :
Number of ways :
Number of drivers :
Sensitivity :
Frequency response :
Tweeter :
Medium :
Woofer :
Dimensions (cm) :
Weight (kg) :
Impedance :
Frequency cut off :

évent circulaire
80 W
110 W
88 dB
55 – 20000 Hz
25mm tissus
Fibre de verre 13 cm

28 (h) x 16.5 (l) x 20 (profondeur)
7 (un carton)
4…8 ohms

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