Director’s words

To You, our Browser,

Thank you for your visiting our web site. Through your surfing I am sure that you have noticed where DAVIS ACOUSTICS celebrates now over 30 years of delivering audiophiles around the world with an awe inspiring and exceptional sound experience. My Father started the business with 2 employees and where indeed now with a quarter century of measured quality and high fidelity designs have received many accolades from industry peers. I therefore welcome you to browse our web site and discover the DAVIS difference.

We endeavor though continual updates our web site to provide both you, a newcomer, as well as our steadfast “fans” with as much information as possible describing as best we can to you details on our brand, products, and vision. With this newly redesigned site we wish to share with you our many wallpapers for you to download as well as to provide you a more frequently updated blog for your interaction.

Since our humble beginnings in 1986, DAVIS has always been at the forefront of both speaker and loudspeaker design with the focus on high end, high fidelity products. Needless today while focused on the most discerning of audiophile, we have a complete line of products to satisfy any palette and any budget. Recently as a continued testimony to our heritage we continue to strive to take on even more, in designing what we feel is the ultimate listening machine, our KARLA, using our steadfast wide band 20DE8 driver.

Thanks to our many followers, we continue to grow and have recently purchased our property. Financially independent, we have reinvested our resources into our future and for the betterment of your listening pleasure with new and exciting product additions.

Do come and visit the site regularly to see what is new.

I invite and challenge you to hear for yourself the “DAVIS difference” by visiting one of our authorized Dealers, hearing is believing! Our resellers have been selected for their passion and dedication and customer service and support. They may help tailor and enhance your audiophile experience with amplifiers, cables, as well as provide you with assistance on how to set up your equipment for the best listening experience.

Enjoy your listening experience with Davis!

Olivier VISAN