Bass reflex : port below the speaker
Nom POWER: 150 W
Max POWER : 200 W
Number of ways: 2
Number of drivers : 2
Sensitivity : 90 dB
Frequency range : 40-40 000 Hz
Tweeter : kevlar cône – voice coil 20 mm
Woofer / Medium : 21 cm kevlar
Dimensions (cm) : 27 x 40 x 44 (98 with stand)
Weight (kg) : 25 (42 with stand)
Impedance : 4…8 ohms
Cut off frequency : 3500 Hz

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Considered the best that DAVIS has to offer in a compact size, Nikita 2 has been re-engineered to continue over the tradition over Nikita 1. Equipped with an integrated pedestal as the speaker has a forward downward facing vent, super wide dynamism is available though exclusive DAVIS knowhow and technology.

No stone was left unturned, no compromises made; oversized magnetic engines; special detail to the handcrafting of the cones and voice coils. No components were placed by chance.

The new reference standard Made in France, appreciated by audiophiles worldwide.


Many recommendations for your ultimate selection :

3 Nikita-2 for the left, right and center speakers with DUFFY used as a surround speaker

5 Nikita-2 for total matched performance


2 KARLA for the left and front drivers, with 3 Nikita-2’s for the center and surround channels

From our lab…

The « Ultimate »Dream !

A true musical sensation, Words cannot describe accurately this offering.

Elegant in design, surprisingly small, sensational room filling audio experience awaits you. Breath taking: 40 to 40,000 Hz captures even the inaudible definition with an unparalleled response and reproduction with any type of amplifier.

BURN IN : around 50 hours .

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