Bass reflex : évents plat
Puissance nominale : 100 W
Puissance maximale : 130 W
Nombre de voies : 2
Nombre de haut-parleurs : 2
Rendement : 94 dB
Bande passante : 45-20000 Hz
Tweeter : Chambre de compression
Médium : moteur 1 pouce en PEEK
Woofer : 17 cm pulpe de cellulose
Dimensions (cm) : 23 x 33 x 31
Poids (kg) : 8
Impédance : 4…8 ohms
Fréquence de coupure : 3000 Hz

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With the highly acclaimed success of the STENTAURE LE loudspeaker, a matching bookshelf speaker was envisaged, hence the introduction of the CLINT.

This two way loudspeaker uses the same components as its larger sister with a matching enclosure. While just a “surround” speaker, this is not fully deserving as the CLINT stands alone as an exceptional, high efficiency hi-fi speaker in its own right. Powerful, yet gentle, may also be used with a tube amplifier.



One can use the CLINT as surround speakers or as separates for that hi-fi experience.


Don’t let the small size of the CLINT fool you. Inspite of its small size, its bass response will surprise you due to the matching robust construction and exceptional driver when placed at the rear surround position.

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