About Davis Acoustics

If you are looking for uncompromising, unparalleled sound quality and affordability, look no further!

For over 25 years, Davis Acoustics maintains a strong commitment to true sound reproduction in the pursuit of true audio perfection, all the while remaining true to the original media being played back. Our speakers are designed to reproduce sound as accurately as possible and are designed for even the most demanding of customer, customers that are picky about sound quality and listen to every sonic nuance in their music. Whether listening to our smallest model or most affordable one, or to the most advanced one, even the most discerning listener will be able to feel the real emotion of the music and the artist, to hear every minute detail of a movie soundtrack, or to feel as if a singer or a musician is present with the listener in the room.

In-House DAVIS Technology

At Davis Acoustics we design and manufacture our own drive units, coils, magnets, crossovers, …most everything in France. Since our humble, early beginnings, our highly skilled staff design and produce our high quality drive units from scratch here at our factory in Troyes, France.

A drive unit may be termed as “the engine” of a speaker. By changing the materials used in the construction of the cone, the size of a magnet, the value of resistance in the voice coil, its size, composition, our engineers can decide on the unique characteristics and “color” of a speaker, even before even starting to work on its charge or its crossover. We produce speakers from the most basic of components from the start, to the very end as a finished product destined to you. All in-house, under one roof, and one team. This is a great advantage over our competitors. Many of our peers outsource their speaker designs and their manufacture, many do this off shore and to the lowest bidder. We do not. For over a quarter century we have complete control over design and the maintenance of quality. We control the process of manufacturing from start to finish, always striving for perfection. We reinvest our profits back into our Company, and we only design and make loudspeakers. We sell nothing else.

Our Product Line

We boast a variety of loudspeakers to satisfy all tastes and budgets. For instance, our EVA series of loudspeakers sees Davis Acoustics succeed in producing a high quality loudspeakers with a satisfying audio experience for the user at an affordable price.

Our recently launched POWER family of speakers feature high efficiency drive units for this product range. The line uses a speaker cone that is both very light and yet at the same time very stiff. This design was the result of a direct response to the ever growing demand for speakers that can perfectly be mated with tube amplifiers. In this case our profound knowledge of drive units and manufacturing techniques permitted us to design and deliver the first dozen first samples of this dedicated drive unit first used in our Monitor 1 model within weeks. Powerful and accurate, the liner features both bookshelf and free standing column models.

As audiophiles ourselves, we even sell kits for the audio enthusiast. This ensures that DAVIS may meet any and all markets, budgets and passions. This allows one to have a personal experience with their finished loudspeaker all the while benefitting from our core driver technology that we supply. It is a passion for us, I am sure you would agree.


Hearing is Believing! The best testament of our passion and design excellence of our outstanding products remains in your listening to them, so we encourage you to visit any of our official retailers to indulge yourself in an unforgettable listening experience.